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Our Mission

The mission of the Class of 1978 Foundation is to encourage and support new generations of community service by providing financial support to Princeton University undergraduates to pursue summer service projects with communities or constituencies in need through direct, hands-on community service activities.

The Foundation defines “community service” broadly to include activities to:

  1. improve a local, regional, national or global population’s well-being in terms of mental or physical health (including issues of hunger, housing, or health care);
  2. improve an underserved community’s quality of life (including education, art, music, or transportation);
  3. encourage economic development, social justice, or human rights; or
  4. encourage adaptation and resilience relating to climate-change impacts on human and/or environmental health. 

Principles of equity and justice are foundational to our values, and we will be especially delighted to support work that furthers them.